2015 Daylily Introductions

Best Buddy

Best Buddy B6 7.75″ EM 32″ SEV Tet Re $100.00


Dakota Bliss B1 7.5″ MLa 32″Dor Tet Re $100.00


Dakota Marmalade LizTSdz 8″ EM 40″ Dor Tet $150.00


Dakota Velvet Sid6 6″ M 36″ SEV Tet Re v.frag $100.00


Getting Closer GC 5″ M 28″ Dor Tet $300.00


Park Forest park4 6″ M 34″ SEV Tet Re vig. $100.00

2015 Daylily Introductions from Suzanne Karl of Dakota Daylilies

Best Buddy   B6     IfRiSt7x2 X Reap the Whirlwind
7.75″ EM 32″ SEV Tet Re $100.00
With a consistent perfection of form that demands fascination, this meticulously ruffled crispate UF is a vivid yellow with a green throat and deeper bold sepals, making it a reverse bi-tone.  Seemingly never out of bloom because of the great scapes and instant rebloom, Best Buddy will increase quickly and is sure to become a favorite clump in your garden.  The flowers have never wilted or faded in SD, little hail damage is noticed, it loves the wind, and the plants are undaunted by any challenge:  heat, cold, or dry wind, and show no damage from our many late freezes.  Very fertile both ways, this is the ‘go to’ clump for difficult pollen.  Consequently, I have bloomed lots of kids which seem to be better than I expect.  With lots of teeth in the background, it will give teeth if crossed that way, and throw in great scapes, big flowers and  hardy plants as a bonus.  Best Buddy gives a high percentage of perfect crispates no matter the cross.  Sib to Dakota Bliss.   $100.00
Dakota Bliss   B1   IfRiSt7x2 X Reap the Whirlwind.
7.5″ MLa 32″Dor Tet Re  $100.00
The seedling number ‘B1’ is short for ‘best one’ which says it all.  Dakota Bliss is a luscious, clear peach which blends very well with all other colors and makes it easy to find a place for this beauty in your garden.  It has a deep green to yellow throat and an exciting, fringy, toothy edge that tends to be darker than the petal color, a refreshing change from all the yellow or white edges.  A large flower, it may exhibit pinching on 2, 3, or no petals, inconsistent, but always beautiful.  Blooming in the mid-late season, it has instant rebloom, lots of flowers, and a vigorous plant habit.  This hardy dormant has exhibited 3 scapes per fan, and who knows how many you could get if you are one of those who use lots of fertilizer.  My most used parent, Dakota Bliss is pod and pollen fertile, and when crossed with other ‘toothy’ flowers has given outstanding results.  Steve Moldovan told me to think of peach as a blank canvas, and Dakota Bliss bears this out, giving about .5% peach seedlings.   $100.00
Dakota Marmalade     LizTSdz     Liz Moldovan X Tet Spindazzle
8″ EM 40″ Dor Tet   $150.00
Big, tall, and bold, this exciting flower literally stands out in the crowd.  A favorite of every garden visitor last season, a claim I’ve never been able to make before this.  What makes Dakota Marmalade so special is the green to yellow throat, so rare in oranges, the huge size, and the bright color.  It carries across the garden in an amazing way.  One of the first to bloom here, it keeps going most of the season, putting on an incredible show, and may be a bud builder.  Foliage is bright green, but big and tough, showing no damage from late freezes.  The tall scapes are wiry and strong, standing up to the wind.  (Scape flop is one of my pet peves.)  I thank John Benz for saving this one from the compost heap and testing it in Ohio.  Very difficult pods, very fertile pollen, and very fabulous kids.   $150.00
Dakota Velvet   Sid6     Voltaire X Vatican City
6″ M 36″ SEV Tet Re v.frag   $100.00
A simple wide, elegant, round form flower, it is the color that makes this beauty captivating, exciting, and capable of eliciting a level of contentment not thought possible by simply viewing a flower.  Dakota Velvet is black-purple with a prominant white edge and a green to yellow to white throat.  The semi-evergreen foliage is tough and stands up to all SD challenges.  The medium height scapes yeild many large flowers and instant rebloom.  Exqusite on the cooler days, I have not yet found any deep purples that will stand up to the hot South Dakota sun.  115 degrees melts them all, but Dakota Velvet is the last one standing, as we say here in the west.  It has done brilliantly in Ohio as well.  Very fertile both ways.   $100.00
Getting Closer   GC     Forestlake Ragamuffin X Startle
5″ M 28″ Dor Tet   $300.00
I have many “favorite” flowers, but have always thought of this one as my ‘most favorite’ daylily.  Lunchtime in the garden usually finds me on a lawn chair, right next to this clump, because spending time just gazing at Getting Closer is a most extraordinary gift.  The sparkling gold diamond dusted heavily toothed edge plays with the sunshine.  The green to yellow throat on this pink bi-tone makes a color combination that is captivating.  Getting Closer demands to be in the front row.  Magnificent in a clump, this dormant beauty exhibits all those wounderful teeth and ruffles consistently in Northern gardens, and is exceptionally hardy and stands up to the sun.  The edge on this flower was so much better than any of its sibs, I had hoped it was a true mutation, but when crossed with ‘straight’ edged flowers, you get no teeth.  When crossed with teeth, the kids are amazing.  The green throat ends up in most of the kids.  While pollen is difficult, it sets seeds very easily.  Only 1 fan will be sold in 2015. $300.00  fall delivery.  Not included in the 2015 collection.
6″ M 34″ SEV Tet Re vig.   $100.00
Round and ruffled, this beauty is astonishingly consistent.  Named for the Chicago suburb where I grew up, Park Forest holds up to the scorching Dakota sun, wind, and hail.  Very cold tollerant, this hardy semi-evergreen is a very vigorous grower and reestablishes and clumps quickly.  The blue-green foliage seems impervious to late cold snaps, no matter how many in a season.  A green throat and a bold deep red notched eye and partial red edge set this beautiful no fade flower apart, and make it at great addition for the bright, hot colored beds that are becomming so popular.  Very fertile both ways.  Kids very hardy as well.  $100.00
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Dakota Marmalade LizTSdz 8″ EM 40″ Dor Tet $150.00