2018 Introductions of Suzanne Karl

Matie Henrietta (Karl) 2018DSCF3206


36″ M 4.5″ Re 30b Dor Tet     Getting Closer x FrA(Blaney seedling)     GCFrA-6

Named for my grandmother who gave me my first daylily when I was 10, and it was red.  (Matie is pronounced May-tee)  I’ve been waiting for a very special flower to name for her, and this one is it.  A clear red with ruffles, and a white and yellow edge and teeth, and a green to yellow throat.  The form is exceptionally round.  At 4.5″, this small flower will delight you with a bud count of 25-30, very quick fan increase, and tough sturdy plants.  While large flowers are always popular, the small flowers are capable of a perfection of form that makes them a garden gem.  Matie Henrietta is a true gem. Fertile both ways.  Exciting kids.     $150.00  single fan.




Helen Louise Karl  (Karl, 2018)

Helen Louise (Karl) 2018 DSCF3523


36″ M 6″ Re 30b Dor Tet     Getting Closer x Pretty Katie     GCPK-1

Named for my mother, Helen Louise Karl is an extraordinary daylily.  This beautiful, clear red has nice ruffles and yellow teeth on the edge.  The yellow to green throat really makes it sparkle.  This daylily does everything right. The 6″ flowers hold up on hot days and are displayed well on the scapes with 25-30 buds,  and rarely interfere with each other.  My mother was not an early riser, and neither is her flower, but it will be open by 7 am. I feel incredibly fortunate to have this fabulous flower show up in my seedling bed.  Very fertile both ways.  Kids have shown white teeth, cristates, and a variety of clear colors of very high quality.  Sold Out.  I am taking orders to ship spring, 2019.  $300.00 single fan.


Come to Mama  (Karl) 2018

Come to Mama (Karl) 2018


34″ M 8″ Re 20b Dor Tet          Bombay Silk x sib to Best Buddy          BoSiB4-12

No photo I have ever shows the impact of this huge pink crispate in the garden.  At 8″-9″, these flowers will demand attention.  It has been a long journey to get these blossoms to be so very consistently pinched on all petals.  The sepals curl nicely, sometimes forming a tube. A very special contribution to the unusual form category.  The eyezone is darker, the midribs lighter with a slight ruffle to the edges.  Come to Mama opens quite flat, showing a green to yellow throat.  A good increaser, each fan reblooms quite consistently.  Scapes usually open 2-3 flowers at a time, which is great for shows.   Fertile both ways, shy with seeds, pollen very good.  Seedlings very nice, with some unexpected color combinations.    $100.00 single fan.




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