2017 Introductions of Suzanne Karl

2017 Blaney -Karl  Introductions of Suzanne Karl
 Bl93-1 7-25-12abl93-1-7-6-12
Westchester Blue Eyes – Blaney-Karl  5.5″ M 36″ 22b Dor Tet    Majestic Hue x ?
A fascinating violet towards the blue side, with a large blue watermark and white edge over a green to yellow throat.  Westchester Blue Eyes is extra special, and is magnificent in clump strength.  Featuring an elegant tailored form with gentle ruffles, this daylily has a good bud count and tough blue-green foliage.  No shade needed for this one, withstands sun, wind, cold and hail very well.  Very fertile both ways.
Single Fan – $100
FR2 7-18-12
FR2 7-12-12
FR2 7-22-12
Calypso Fringe – Fr2 – Blaney-Karl – 7″ M 32″ 20b Dor Tet    Erin Lea x Startle sib crossed twice.  Yes, these are all the same plant on a different day!
I am honored to introduce this Ted Blaney cultivar.  My favorite of the Erin Lea Startle sib cross seedlings, Calypso Fringe is a great garden performer.  Depending on soil and sun I have seen red, pink, and purple blossoms on this plant, but always with white/yellow ‘fringe’ or teeth on the ruffled edge, and always with a light midrib and green over yellow throat.  It holds up to sun, wind, and hail and makes a stunning clump.  It never set a pod in OH or VA, but sets reliably in SD. Go figure. Pollen is easy to use and reliably produces high quality seedlings.  This one has a forever home in my garden and is sure to please.  Double Fans – $100.00
2017 Introductions of Suzanne Karl
Red Rebel – 6″ EM 38″ 23b re Sev Tet    Cool Raspberry Smoke x Dakota Bliss  Sid5B1-3
Lotsa bright red flowers.  By crossing purple and peach I did not expect to get red, much less one so clear and bright. A slight watermark and washed eyezone and a unique gold beaded edge over a green to yellow throat combined with the high number of flowers draws a lot of attention in the garden.  Red Rebel clumps quickly and reblooms, making it a great choice for landscaping or a featured focal point.  A great plant, never daunted by late freezes, wind, hail, heat, or sun.  May need extra space in the garden.
$100.00  S.F.
Tropical Trubadore –  6.5″ M 28″ 22b Dor Tet     Pretty Katie x Embrace the Sunshine  PKB7-1
Garden named ‘favorite’, this ruffled beauty has been singled out and admired by every garden visitor who sees it.  The green throat persists all day, a rare quality in the ‘sunset’ color class.  The eyezone changes from yellow to persimmon to red, brushing out onto the tangerine petals, which are highly ruffled and will have teeth and hooks on the edges with plenty of water, sun, and good soil.  Tropical Trubadore is best planted where the setting sun can light it on fire for an unforgettable show.  An outstanding parent with many selects to it’s credit, very fertile both ways.
$100.00 S.F.
Finding Love –  6.5″ M 36″ 27b re Sev Tet    South Seas x Scarlet Affair   SoSeScAf-1
This beautiful ruffled scarlet red takes all the sun you can give it, holding up to 103F even at 3500 ft. elevation.  The persistent green to yellow throat adds to it’s allure.  A strong grower that is quick to clump and reblooms reliably in SD, this semi-evergreen should do well in many regions.  It’s superior blue-green foliage stands up to repeated late freezes and dry desiccating winds like a champ.  Will take extra room in the garden, and does send stolons, but is not invasive.  Finding Love has given rise to some extraordinarily unique seedlings, and is very fertile both ways.  Extra large seeds and pods.
Royal Amazon –  6″ EM 48″ 25b re Dor Tet    (Blueberry Bagel x Vatican City) X ?  BBVC?
Tall and stately, this deep purple blends to a subtle violet watermark with a very ruffled edge neatly trimmed in bold white punctuated by a spring green to yellow throat.  This early bloomer will have consistent, clean dark flowers, devoid of thrip damage or water spots.  With sturdy blue-green foliage, this strong grower makes an excellent focal point and will appreciate some extra room in the garden.  Flowers hold well in full sun, but does well in partial shade also.  No scape flop here, Royal Amazon is tall.  Fertile both ways.
$100.00 S.F.
s B6B1-2 7-11-12a
Dakota Sun Frost – 7.5″ EM 32″ 45b  Dor Tet   Best Buddy x Dakota Bliss  B6B1-2
Not just another yellow, this large butter cream has a prominent radiating green throat, light midribs and outstanding ruffles with a darker edge that can feature teeth and hooks, appearing white from a distance.  When established, the high bud count provides multiple flowers on one scape for show enthusiasts.  Dakota Sun Frost has produced very large seedlings on tall scapes (5′) of exceptionally high quality.  Throws lots of teeth if crossed that way.  Does much better for me with mulch.  Fertile both ways.
$100.00 S.F.
I hope you have enjoyed the photos of my 2017 Introductions.  Please contact me with any questions, or just to talk daylilies!  Good Gardening.

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