Pretty Katie (Karl,2016)

PK 7-20-12

36″ MidLate  25 buds 5br  6″fl  frag extended blooming

Pretty Katie is a beautiful, unusual pink.  Pod parent New Tangerine Twist must have been responsible.  The light midribs and extensive ruffling and teeth on the petals and a green throat make this flower exceptionally special.  Very unique and a true one of a kind color and form.  A strong plant and very good scape make a complete package. Pretty Katie makes a very good addition to those wonderful pastel beds they do out East. It clumps up quickly and blooms early and late with rebloom.  Multiple flowers opening at the same time make this flower great for shows.  I chose this, my very best seedling at the time to honor my niece, Katie Simpson.   Pretty Katie has been the parent of my best select seedling for the last 4 years, the breeding potential of this cultivar is tremendous.  Very pod fertile, but averages 50% germination, so make extra seeds.  The 3 seed thing just won’t cut it.  Very fertile both ways.                                                                       $200 single fan.

PK 7-22-12 EDGE

PK 7-30-12



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