2014 Daylily Introductions

DSCF0052 cin Mys

Cinnamon Mystery 30″ M Re 7″ 2 br. 15 b. Dor Tet ELRiSt2 X IFRiSt2 (S1


Gob Stopper 42″ EM 7″ 2 br. 15b. Dor Tet unk X Tet Spindazzle (GS)


EMBRACE THE SUNSHINE 30″ M Re 8″ 2br. 30b. Dor Tet Noc Ext UF Crispate IFRiSt(7×2) X Reap the Whirlwind (B7)


Dakota Eye Shadow 36″ EM 7″ 2 br. 16 b. Dor Tet UF Crispate IFRiSt(7×2) X unk. (N8)

DSCF0159b s b

Belle Snow Bunny 28″ M Re 6″ 2br. 22 b. Sev Tet Arctic Snow X Great White (WS3)


Cool Raspberry Smoke 28″ M Re 6″ 2 br. 18 b. Dor Tet Noble Lord X Vatican City (Sid5)

2014 DAYLILY INTRODUCTIONS OF SUZANNE KARL – 2409 Cruz Dr. Rapid City, SD 57702         605-348-2311


30″ M Re 7″ 2 br. 15 b. Dor Tet         ELRiSt2 X IFRiSt2          (S1)

With a background of all yellows, the enchanting cinnamon overlay is truly a mystery. A vigerous grower, with instant rebloom, the second scape usually appears before the third bud has opened. Fabulous ruffles and a green throat complete the picture, and the black anthers and fragrance add a bit of spice. With lots and lots of big beautiful, bright flowers, CINNAMON MYSTERY blends well with other flowers and is sure to become a garden favorite. The first year planted the cinnamon fades to an extraordinary light yellow by day’s end. By the second year, the color holds all day. This plant does everything right. A great pod parent, CINNAMON MYSTERY has set pods at 105F, strong pollen.The seedlings are exceptional in a wide variety of colors, about 10% cinnamon. $100.


36″ EM 7″ 2 br. 16 b. Dor Tet UF Crispate          IFRiSt(7×2) X unk.          (N8)

Fluttering like a flock of giant butterflies, the flowers on a clump of DAKOTA EYE SHADOW are brilliantly consistent. A glowing yellow, which upon close inspection, reveals a shadow of an eye and edge pattern once established. With fertilizer, water, and good growing conditions, you can expect larger flowers, better branching and many more buds. An exceptional garden plant, DAKOTA EYE SHADOW has shown no hail or wind damage with it’s wiry, flexible scapes and resilient foliage. Ruffled petals and a strong green throat complete this picturesque crispate. A garden favorite, I hesitate parting with this one, very limited. Great pods, strong pollen. $100.


28″ M Re 6″ 2br. 22 b. Sev Tet         Arctic Snow X Great White          (WS3)

This beautiful near white does very well in SD at 3500 ft., smiling and laughing at 115F heat. Originally selected for the superior ruffling, gold edge, and persistent green to yellow throat, BELLE SNOW BUNNY threw in a bonus. Exceptional pod fertility, especially for a near white. Pods have set at 105F, and also sets with very difficult pollen, giving lots of seeds. This SEV is vigerous and quick to form a clump, making a wounderful addition to any garden. No wind or hail damage has been noticed. Very fertile both ways. $100.


28″ M Re 6″ 2 br. 18 b. Dor Tet         Noble Lord X Vatican City          (Sid5)

Absolutely mesmerizing, COOL RASPBERRY SMOKE is best planted at the edge of a patio where you drink your morning tea to contemplate it’s intricate beauty. A good grower, it clumps quickly. After warm nights, it is a stunning velvety black-purple with a bold, clean, clear prominent white edge and green to yellow to white throat. After cool nights, the petals will be a smoky raspberry with a washed black-purple eye. Either way, this beauty will amaze you. Many thanks to Steve Moldovan for growing and selecting this seedling. No hail or wind damage noticed. Very fertile both ways, and parent of seedlings with superior branching and bud count. $100.


42″ EM 7″ 2 br. 15b. Dor Tet         unk X Tet Spindazzle         (GS)

The screaming orange-red color and bold yellow to green throat of GOB STOPPER command attention, with huge flowers on tall scapes. Establishing a large clump quickly, GOB STOPPER needs extra space in the garden. Greatly admired by visitors and earlier than most reds, this dazzler rarely shows thrip damage or color fading. Tollerating extreme heat and cold well, it blossoms over a long season. Scapes are exceptionally large and tough, standing up to excessive wind easily. Hail damage was noticed the first year after planting, but none since. GOB STOPPER can be left alone without dividing for years and has very strong roots. Incredibly strong pollen that makes great ‘starter’ pollen, and sets pods at lower temperatures. Seedlings all show exceptional vigor. $100.


30″ M Re 8″ 2br. 30b. Dor Tet Noc Ext UF Crispate        IFRiSt(7×2) X Reap the Whirlwind        (B7)

This glowing gold with a sparkling green throat will be an exciting addition to your garden. A highly ruffled crispate with ruffled, curled sepals, the large 8″ size and high bud count means this beauty will be a thrilling focal point in your garden. The mid rib and segment edges change to a beautiful light yellow by day’s end, making EMBRACE THE SUNSHINE very special. Being nocturnal, these flowers are wide open every morning, and stay open about 30 hours. With ‘toothy’ edges in it’s background, EMBRACE THE SUNSHINE is the parent of my most outstanding seedlings last season.  Resents moving , but clumps quickly, vigerous. Pod and pollen fertile. $100.

Please call to check availability and reserve plants. Collection of all 6, $450. plus $16 shipping.

Send checks to the above address and include $10 plus $1 per plant shipping.

Generous Bonuses, no rust noticed here. Happy gardening, and thanks for the order.   Suzanne Karl.


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