2020 Introductions by Suzanne Karl

Brilliant Disguise

5.5″ M 28″ 22bc. cristate sculptural Dor Tet B6fav

Best Buddy x Tropical Trubadore

You never know what’s going to show up in the seedling bed, and this sculptural flower was a surprise. The first year a daylily blooms, they can do some strange things, which they never do again. This flower was single it’s first year. The second year, all flowers but one had cristate (cresting) on all 3 petals, and it had 5 scapes, which indicates that it clumps quickly. At 5.5″ it throws larger kids because of it’s 7″ parents. It’s a nice bright yellow with a green throat, and ruffled edges with some small teeth. It needs a year to get established before it will produce a high percentage of cristate blooms. Some hybridizers are having trouble getting cristates to open correctly, but Brilliant Disguise opens very well consistently, and will make a wounderful hardy addition to any garden, especially display gardens that would like to include a nice sculptural daylily. Fertile both ways. $100.00 single fan.

The voles got into this one last winter and ate 15 double fans. I truly hate voles. Sorry about the single fan, but I had to divide my personal clump to have any to sell. It does grow very quick.

Inspire Desire

6.5″ M 38″ 25bc Dor Tet BBP1SoP-1

(Blueberry Bagel x Blaney seedling) X Strength of Purpose

A striking, alluring bloom (drop dead gorgeous) from it’s first blossom, this white edged deep purple with a green to yellow throat is a favorite of all who see it. I think it’s something about the satin sheen that delights people. The wide ruffled petals make it very special. The scape reaches 38″ with 25 buds once established. No photo has ever done it justice, but visitors say “I have to have it”. Increase is on the slow side, but it makes a beautiful clump soon enough. This dark beauty holds up well in hot weather, and is the parent of some exceptional seedlings. Very fertile both ways. Sure to be a garden favorite. $150.00 single fan

Sweet Ginny

3.25″ EM 20″ 25-30bc small Sev Tet STPGin-8

Spacecoast Tiny Perfection X Ginny

This cross had bright, pretty, attractive flowers and this is the pick of the litter. Sweet Ginny has an exceptional scape, a nice height for the front row, 25-30 buds per scape or more, and has had 2 scapes per fan and occasional rebloom. This bold red-eyed orange with a green throat has great round form, very nice ruffles, and is very consistent. Cute as a bug, Sweet Ginny is tough as nails and always pleases. It clumps up quickly , and is a bright spot in the garden. Fertile both ways. $100.00 double fan

I am now doing the text thing on my phone, so that may be an easier way to check availability. I still accept calls and love to talk about daylilies. 605-858-4363

2019 Introductions by Suzanne Karl

Folks, please remember these daylilies are hybridized and grown in South Dakota and generally do much better grown in places with more rain than 13″ per year, and anybodys soil is better than my crushed rock junk.
Dakota Sunfire 
8-9″ M 36″ 25b UF Re Dor Tet       Embrace the Sunshine X Ginny (Blaney)
     This huge crispate is very consistent and beautiful, with lots of ruffles on the edges.  It grows well, clumps quickly, and late freezes don’t bother it. Ever.  The large bright flowers draw a lot of attention in the garden.  Very fertile both ways. $100.00 double fan
Tall ‘n’ Tan
7″ M 38″ Re 18b UF Dor Tet          ?x?
     Tall ‘n’ Tan has a unique buff orange color and is very distinctive.  It has large flowers and lots of ’em.  It clumps up incredibly fast and makes a great focal point.  0 fertility for me.   $50.00 clump
Dakota Coral
6″ M 36″  Re 20b Sev Tet     Scarlet Affair X Getting Closer
     This beautiful ruffled coral has a green throat and light midribs.  It grows well from South Dakota to Florida.  A very consistent flower with a unique, clear color and lots of flowers, it adds a bright spot to your garden.   Very fertile both ways   $100.00 single fan
7″ EM 36″ 35b Dor Tet     Getting Closer X Gob Stopper
     This bright red flower blooms like crazy, usually more than one at a time.  The yellow edges have tiny teeth, causing the ruffly petals edges to kink. A one of a kind large flower that brings much joy.  The plant grows very well and it clumps up quickly.  KINKY makes a fabulous focal point for your garden.   Very fertile both ways.  100.00 double fan
5.5″ EM 34″ 16b Re Sev Tet      Vatican City X ?
     This white edged deep purple has been around my garden quite a while. Never introduced before due to the low bud count.  If mulched, it increases quickly and makes a nice garden clump with plenty of flowers that crown the plant.  In hot weather, it will show small white teeth.  It is the parent of the most beautiful, unique daylily that has ever shown up in my seedbeds.   Parent of may exceptional flowers with high bud counts.  Throws teeth if crossed that way.  Very fertile both ways.   $100.00  double fan
Dakota Cream Dream 
7″ M 28″ 25b re Sev Tet     Sassy Susan X Dakota Snow
     This huge ruffly cream blooms like crazy, and will blow your mind.  It clumps quickly, and is a great addition for the front of the border.    Fertile both ways.  $100.00 double fan
Too Darn Hot
7″ M 38″+  22b Re Dor Tet     Up Against the Sun X Ginny (Blaney)
     This huge, wide petaled flower lights up the garden and draws lots of attention.  Very suitable for a focal point plant.  A very strong plant, it clumps quickly, and steals the show.  Likes lots of sun.  If planted in shade, this plant, like most oranges, will not be as bright a color.  Fertile both ways.  $50.00 double fan.
Dakota Thriller 
6″ EM 26″ 35-45b (for real)  Re Dor Tet      Shabby Chic X seedling
     I grew a huge cross to get this flower, and it was way worth it.  In full sun in the field it was gold.  The next day in a pot, it was yellow.  Soil does make a difference.  Give it lots of sun, and it will be great no matter what color it shows.  Once planted in the ground again, it amazed me by putting out 2 scapes from one fan.  One scape had 35 buds, the other had 45 buds, and they never interfered with each other when open.  I have photographic proof. Complete with ruffles and teeth and a green throat, this flower is truly a thrill.   Greatly admired by all who see it.  VERY fertile both ways.  Lots of seeds.  $200.00 single fan

2018 Introductions of Suzanne Karl

Matie Henrietta (Karl) 2018DSCF3206


36″ M 4.5″ Re 30b Dor Tet     Getting Closer x FrA(Blaney seedling)     GCFrA-6

Named for my grandmother who gave me my first daylily when I was 10, and it was red.  (Matie is pronounced May-tee)  I’ve been waiting for a very special flower to name for her, and this one is it.  A clear red with ruffles, and a white and yellow edge and teeth, and a green to yellow throat.  The form is exceptionally round.  At 4.5″, this small flower will delight you with a bud count of 25-30, very quick fan increase, and tough sturdy plants.  While large flowers are always popular, the small flowers are capable of a perfection of form that makes them a garden gem.  Matie Henrietta is a true gem. Fertile both ways.  Exciting kids.     $150.00  single fan.

Helen Louise Karl  (Karl, 2018)

Helen Louise (Karl) 2018 DSCF3523


36″ M 6″ Re 30b Dor Tet     Getting Closer x Pretty Katie     GCPK-1

Named for my mother, Helen Louise Karl is an extraordinary daylily.  This beautiful, clear red has nice ruffles and yellow teeth on the edge.  The yellow to green throat really makes it sparkle.  This daylily does everything right. The 6″ flowers hold up on hot days and are displayed well on the scapes with 25-30 buds,  and rarely interfere with each other.  My mother was not an early riser, and neither is her flower, but it will be open by 7 am. I feel incredibly fortunate to have this fabulous flower show up in my seedling bed.  This daylily continues to amaze me with it’s beauty and many flowers.  Very fertile both ways.  Kids have shown white teeth, cristates, and a variety of clear colors of very high quality.                    $300.00 single fan.

Come to Mama  (Karl) 2018

Come to Mama (Karl) 2018


34″ M 8″ Re 20b Dor Tet          Bombay Silk x sib to Best Buddy          BoSiB4-12

No photo I have ever shows the impact of this huge pink crispate in the garden.  At 8″-9″, these flowers will demand attention.  It has been a long journey to get these blossoms to be so very consistently pinched on all petals.  The sepals curl nicely, sometimes forming a tube. A very special contribution to the unusual form category.  The eyezone is darker, the midribs lighter with a slight ruffle to the edges.  Come to Mama opens quite flat, showing a green to yellow throat.  A good increaser, each fan reblooms quite consistently.  Scapes usually open 2-3 flowers at a time, which is great for shows.   Fertile both ways, shy with seeds, pollen very good.  Seedlings very nice, with some unexpected color combinations.                             $100.00 double fan.

2017 Introductions of Suzanne Karl

2017 Blaney -Karl  Introductions of Suzanne Karl
 Bl93-1 7-25-12abl93-1-7-6-12
Westchester Blue Eyes – Blaney-Karl  5.5″ M 36″ 22b Dor Tet    Majestic Hue x ?
A fascinating violet towards the blue side, with a large blue watermark and white edge over a green to yellow throat.  Westchester Blue Eyes is extra special, and is magnificent in clump strength.  Featuring an elegant tailored form with gentle ruffles, this daylily has a good bud count and tough blue-green foliage.  No shade needed for this one, withstands sun, wind, cold and hail very well.  Very fertile both ways.   $100.00 double fan
FR2 7-18-12
FR2 7-12-12
FR2 7-22-12
Calypso Fringe – Fr2 – Blaney-Karl – 7″ M 32″ 20b Dor Tet    Erin Lea x Startle sib crossed twice.  Yes, these are all the same plant on a different day!
I am honored to introduce this Ted Blaney cultivar.  My favorite of the Erin Lea Startle sib cross seedlings, Calypso Fringe is a great garden performer.  Depending on soil and sun I have seen red, pink, and purple blossoms on this plant, but always with white/yellow ‘fringe’ or teeth on the ruffled edge, and always with a light midrib and green over yellow throat.  It holds up to sun, wind, and hail and makes a stunning clump.  It never set a pod in OH or VA, but sets reliably in SD. Go figure. Pollen is easy to use and reliably produces high quality seedlings.  This one has a forever home in my garden and is sure to please.  $100.00 double fan
2017 Introductions of Suzanne Karl
Red Rebel – 6″ EM 38″ 23b re Sev Tet    Cool Raspberry Smoke x Dakota Bliss  Sid5B1-3
Lotsa bright red flowers.  By crossing purple and peach I did not expect to get red, much less one so clear and bright. A slight watermark and washed eyezone and a unique gold beaded edge over a green to yellow throat combined with the high number of flowers draws a lot of attention in the garden.  Red Rebel clumps quickly and reblooms, making it a great choice for landscaping or a featured focal point.  A great plant, never daunted by late freezes, wind, hail, heat, or sun.  May need extra space in the garden.
$100.00  double fan
Tropical Trubadore –  6.5″ M 28″ 22b Dor Tet     Pretty Katie x Embrace the Sunshine  PKB7-1
Garden named ‘favorite’, this ruffled beauty has been singled out and admired by every garden visitor who sees it.  The green throat persists all day, a rare quality in the ‘sunset’ color class.  The eyezone changes from yellow to persimmon to red, brushing out onto the tangerine petals, which are highly ruffled and will have teeth and hooks on the edges with plenty of water, sun, and good soil.  Tropical Trubadore is best planted where the setting sun can light it on fire for an unforgettable show.  An outstanding parent with many selects to it’s credit, very fertile both ways.
$100.00 double fan
Finding Love –  6.5″ M 36″ 27b re Sev Tet    South Seas x Scarlet Affair   SoSeScAf-1
This beautiful ruffled scarlet red takes all the sun you can give it, holding up to 103F even at 3500 ft. elevation.  The persistent green to yellow throat adds to it’s allure.  A strong grower that is quick to clump and reblooms reliably in SD, this semi-evergreen should do well in many regions.  It’s superior blue-green foliage stands up to repeated late freezes and dry desiccating winds like a champ.  Will take extra room in the garden, and does send stolons, but is not invasive.  Finding Love has given rise to some extraordinarily unique seedlings, and is very fertile both ways.  Extra large seeds and pods.
$150.00  double fan
Royal Amazon –  6″ EM 48″ 25b re Dor Tet    (Blueberry Bagel x Vatican City) X ?  BBVC?
Tall and stately, this deep purple blends to a subtle violet watermark with a very ruffled edge neatly trimmed in bold white punctuated by a spring green to yellow throat.  This early bloomer will have consistent, clean dark flowers, devoid of thrip damage or water spots.  With sturdy blue-green foliage, this strong grower makes an excellent focal point and will appreciate some extra room in the garden.  Flowers hold well in full sun, but does well in partial shade also.  No scape flop here, Royal Amazon is tall.  Fertile both ways.
$100.00 double fan
s B6B1-2 7-11-12a
Dakota Sun Frost – 7.5″ EM 32″ 45b  Dor Tet   Best Buddy x Dakota Bliss  B6B1-2
Not just another yellow, this large butter cream has a prominent radiating green throat, light midribs and outstanding ruffles with a darker edge that can feature teeth and hooks, appearing white from a distance.  When established, the high bud count provides multiple flowers on one scape for show enthusiasts.  Dakota Sun Frost has produced very large seedlings on tall scapes (5′) of exceptionally high quality.  Throws lots of teeth if crossed that way.  Does much better for me with mulch.  Fertile both ways.
$100.00 double fan. only 2 left.
I hope you have enjoyed the photos of my 2017 Introductions.  Please contact me with any questions, or just to talk daylilies!  Good Gardening.

Getting Closer (Karl,2015)

I wanted to add another photo of this daylily.  The one is used to register it was chosen to show the great edge, but apparently not enough of the flower.  Getting Closer is the very best daylily I have registered.  The edge is awesome and is extra sparkly.  It is the parent of some truly fabulous seedlings.  It will give great teeth to it’s kids if crossed with teethy flowers or any Brother Charles type flowers with edges.  Sets pods every time for me in South Dakota.  Pollen is very difficult.  Great bud count.  Every flower is a joy to behold.  Plant this one where you can sit and view it often and easily.  One fan only to sell for  Spring 2017.  $300.00

Pretty Katie (Karl,2016)

PK 7-20-12

36″ MidLate  25 buds 5br  6″fl  frag extended blooming

Pretty Katie is a beautiful, unusual pink.  Pod parent New Tangerine Twist must have been responsible.  The light midribs and extensive ruffling and teeth on the petals and a green throat make this flower exceptionally special.  Very unique and a true one of a kind color and form.  A strong plant and very good scape make a complete package. Pretty Katie makes a very good addition to those wonderful pastel beds they do out East. It clumps up quickly and blooms early and late with rebloom.  Multiple flowers opening at the same time make this flower great for shows.  I chose this, my very best seedling at the time to honor my niece, Katie Simpson.   Pretty Katie has been the parent of my best select seedling for the last 4 years, the breeding potential of this cultivar is tremendous.  Very pod fertile, but averages 50% germination, so make extra seeds.  The 3 seed thing just won’t cut it.  Very fertile both ways.                                                                       $200 double fan.

PK 7-22-12 EDGE

PK 7-30-12

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The best way to contact me is by phone, because I have to go to the library to do email.  No computer.   But, if you insist, you can email me at pahehatateyh@mail.com   and I will answer as soon as I can.  In the bloom season, you will be waiting weeks or months for a response.  Phone messages are quickest.  Thanks for your interest in my flowers.



Suzanne Karl

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2015 Daylily Introductions

Best Buddy

Best Buddy B6 7.75″ EM 32″ SEV Tet Re $100.00 double fan


Dakota Bliss B1 7.5″ MLa 32″Dor Tet Re $100.00 double fan


Dakota Marmalade LizTSdz 8″ EM 40″ Dor Tet $150.00 double fan


Dakota Velvet Sid6 6″ M 36″ SEV Tet Re v.frag $100.00 double fan


Getting Closer GC 5″ M 28″ Dor Tet $200.00 single fan


Park Forest park4 6″ M 34″ SEV Tet Re vig. $100.00 single fan

2015 Daylily Introductions from Suzanne Karl of Dakota Daylilies

Best Buddy   B6     IfRiSt7x2 X Reap the Whirlwind
7.75″ EM 32″ SEV Tet Re $100.00 double fan
With a consistent perfection of form that demands fascination, this meticulously ruffled crispate UF is a vivid yellow with a green throat and deeper bold sepals, making it a reverse bi-tone.  Seemingly never out of bloom because of the great scapes and instant rebloom, Best Buddy will increase quickly and is sure to become a favorite clump in your garden.  The flowers have never wilted or faded in SD, little hail damage is noticed, it loves the wind, and the plants are undaunted by any challenge:  heat, cold, or dry wind, and show no damage from our many late freezes.  Very fertile both ways, this is the ‘go to’ clump for difficult pollen.  Consequently, I have bloomed lots of kids which seem to be better than I expect.  With lots of teeth in the background, it will give teeth if crossed that way, and throw in great scapes, big flowers and  hardy plants as a bonus.  Best Buddy gives a high percentage of perfect crispates no matter the cross.  Sib to Dakota Bliss.   $100.00 double fan
Dakota Bliss   B1   IfRiSt7x2 X Reap the Whirlwind.
7.5″ MLa 32″Dor Tet Re  $100.00 double fan
The seedling number ‘B1’ is short for ‘best one’ which says it all.  Dakota Bliss is a luscious, clear peach which blends very well with all other colors and makes it easy to find a place for this beauty in your garden.  It has a deep green to yellow throat and an exciting, fringy, toothy edge that tends to be darker than the petal color, a refreshing change from all the yellow or white edges.  A large flower, it may exhibit pinching on 2, 3, or no petals, inconsistent, but always beautiful.  Blooming in the mid-late season, it has instant rebloom, lots of flowers, and a vigorous plant habit.  This hardy dormant has exhibited 3 scapes per fan, and who knows how many you could get if you are one of those who use lots of fertilizer.  My most used parent, Dakota Bliss is pod and pollen fertile, and when crossed with other ‘toothy’ flowers has given outstanding results.  Steve Moldovan told me to think of peach as a blank canvas, and Dakota Bliss bears this out, giving about .5% peach seedlings.   $100.00 double fan
Dakota Marmalade     LizTSdz     Liz Moldovan X Tet Spindazzle
8″ EM 40″ Dor Tet   $150.00 double fan
Big, tall, and bold, this exciting flower literally stands out in the crowd.  A favorite of every garden visitor last season, a claim I’ve never been able to make before this.  What makes Dakota Marmalade so special is the green to yellow throat, so rare in oranges, the huge size, and the bright color.  It carries across the garden in an amazing way.  One of the first to bloom here, it keeps going most of the season, putting on an incredible show, and may be a bud builder.  Foliage is bright green, but big and tough, showing no damage from late freezes.  The tall scapes are wiry and strong, standing up to the wind.  (Scape flop is one of my pet peves.)  I thank John Benz for saving this one from the compost heap and testing it in Ohio.  Very difficult pods, very fertile pollen, and very fabulous kids.   $150.00 double fan
Dakota Velvet   Sid6     Voltaire X Vatican City
6″ M 36″ SEV Tet Re v.frag   $100.00
A simple wide, elegant, round form flower, it is the color that makes this beauty captivating, exciting, and capable of eliciting a level of contentment not thought possible by simply viewing a flower.  Dakota Velvet is black-purple with a prominant white edge and a green to yellow to white throat.  The semi-evergreen foliage is tough and stands up to all SD challenges.  The medium height scapes yeild many large flowers and instant rebloom.  Exqusite on the cooler days, I have not yet found any deep purples that will stand up to the hot South Dakota sun.  115 degrees melts them all, but Dakota Velvet is the last one standing, as we say here in the west.  It has done brilliantly in Ohio as well.  Very fertile both ways.   $100.00 doublefan
Getting Closer   GC     Forestlake Ragamuffin X Startle
5″ M 28″ Dor Tet   $200.00 single fan
I have many “favorite” flowers, but have always thought of this one as my ‘most favorite’ daylily.  Lunchtime in the garden usually finds me on a lawn chair, right next to this clump, because spending time just gazing at Getting Closer is a most extraordinary gift.  The sparkling gold diamond dusted heavily toothed edge plays with the sunshine.  The green to yellow throat on this pink bi-tone makes a color combination that is captivating.  Getting Closer demands to be in the front row.  Magnificent in a clump, this dormant beauty exhibits all those wounderful teeth and ruffles consistently in Northern gardens, and is exceptionally hardy and stands up to the sun.  The edge on this flower was so much better than any of its sibs, I had hoped it was a true mutation, but when crossed with ‘straight’ edged flowers, you get no teeth.  When crossed with teeth, the kids are amazing.  The green throat ends up in most of the kids.  While pollen is difficult, it sets seeds very easily.  Only 1 fan will be sold in 2015. $200.00 single fan  Not included in the 2015 collection.
6″ M 34″ SEV Tet Re vig.   $100.00 single fan
Round and ruffled, this beauty is astonishingly consistent.  Named for the Chicago suburb where I grew up, Park Forest holds up to the scorching Dakota sun, wind, and hail.  Very cold tollerant, this hardy semi-evergreen is a very vigorous grower and reestablishes and clumps quickly.  The blue-green foliage seems impervious to late cold snaps, no matter how many in a season.  A green throat and a bold deep red notched eye and partial red edge set this beautiful no fade flower apart, and make it at great addition for the bright, hot colored beds that are becomming so popular.  Very fertile both ways.  Kids very hardy as well.  $100.00 single fan
Please call 605-858-4363 to check availability and reserve plants.
Send checks to 2409 Cruz Dr. Rapid City, SD 57702. 
Please include $10 shipping +$1 per plant.
Generous bonuses, no rust noticed here.
Collection of 5 does not include Getting Closer and is $415.00..


Dakota Marmalade LizTSdz 8″ EM 40″ Dor Tet $150.00

First try

This blog is my first attempt at computer stuff.  My intent is to share my beautiful daylily creations with other people who love flowers.  I hope to add photos and descriptions of my introductions from 2013, 2014, and 2015.  Suzanne Karl, daylily hybridizer and enthusiast.

2014 Daylily Introductions

DSCF0052 cin Mys

Cinnamon Mystery 30″ M Re 7″ 2 br. 15 b. Dor Tet ELRiSt2 X IFRiSt2 (S1


Gob Stopper 42″ EM 7″ 2 br. 15b. Dor Tet unk X Tet Spindazzle (GS)


EMBRACE THE SUNSHINE 30″ M Re 8″ 2br. 30b. Dor Tet Noc Ext UF Crispate IFRiSt(7×2) X Reap the Whirlwind (B7)


Dakota Eye Shadow 36″ EM 7″ 2 br. 16 b. Dor Tet UF Crispate IFRiSt(7×2) X unk. (N8)

DSCF0159b s b

Belle Snow Bunny 28″ M Re 6″ 2br. 22 b. Sev Tet Arctic Snow X Great White (WS3)


Cool Raspberry Smoke 28″ M Re 6″ 2 br. 18 b. Dor Tet Noble Lord X Vatican City (Sid5)

2014 DAYLILY INTRODUCTIONS OF SUZANNE KARL – 2409 Cruz Dr. Rapid City, SD 57702         605-348-2311


30″ M Re 7″ 2 br. 15 b. Dor Tet         ELRiSt2 X IFRiSt2          (S1)

With a background of all yellows, the enchanting cinnamon overlay is truly a mystery. A vigerous grower, with instant rebloom, the second scape usually appears before the third bud has opened. Fabulous ruffles and a green throat complete the picture, and the black anthers and fragrance add a bit of spice. With lots and lots of big beautiful, bright flowers, CINNAMON MYSTERY blends well with other flowers and is sure to become a garden favorite. The first year planted the cinnamon fades to an extraordinary light yellow by day’s end. By the second year, the color holds all day. This plant does everything right. A great pod parent, CINNAMON MYSTERY has set pods at 105F, strong pollen.The seedlings are exceptional in a wide variety of colors, about 10% cinnamon.  Sold Out


36″ EM 7″ 2 br. 16 b. Dor Tet UF Crispate          IFRiSt(7×2) X unk.          (N8)

Fluttering like a flock of giant butterflies, the flowers on a clump of DAKOTA EYE SHADOW are brilliantly consistent. A glowing yellow, which upon close inspection, reveals a shadow of an eye and edge pattern once established. With fertilizer, water, and good growing conditions, you can expect larger flowers, better branching and many more buds. An exceptional garden plant, DAKOTA EYE SHADOW has shown no hail or wind damage with it’s wiry, flexible scapes and resilient foliage. Ruffled petals and a strong green throat complete this picturesque crispate. A garden favorite, I hesitate parting with this one, very limited. Great pods, strong pollen.  Sold Out


28″ M Re 6″ 2br. 22 b. Sev Tet         Arctic Snow X Great White          (WS3)

This beautiful near white does very well in SD at 3500 ft., smiling and laughing at 115F heat. Originally selected for the superior ruffling, gold edge, and persistent green to yellow throat, BELLE SNOW BUNNY threw in a bonus. Exceptional pod fertility, especially for a near white. Pods have set at 105F, and also sets with very difficult pollen, giving lots of seeds. This SEV is vigerous and quick to form a clump, making a wounderful addition to any garden. No wind or hail damage has been noticed.  This daylily is a very good grower and clumps up quickly.  Very fertile both ways.                 $100.00 double fan


28″ M Re 6″ 2 br. 18 b. Dor Tet         Noble Lord X Vatican City          (Sid5)

Absolutely mesmerizing, COOL RASPBERRY SMOKE is best planted at the edge of a patio where you drink your morning tea to contemplate it’s intricate beauty. A good grower, it clumps quickly. After warm nights, it is a stunning velvety black-purple with a bold, clean, clear prominent white edge and green to yellow to white throat. After cool nights, the petals will be a smoky raspberry with a washed black-purple eye. Either way, this beauty will amaze you. Many thanks to Steve Moldovan for growing and selecting this seedling. No hail or wind damage noticed. Very fertile both ways, and parent of seedlings with superior branching and bud count.                 $100.00 double fan.


42″ EM 7″ 2 br. 15b. Dor Tet         unk X Tet Spindazzle         (GS)

The screaming orange-red color and bold yellow to green throat of GOB STOPPER command attention, with huge flowers on tall scapes. Establishing a large clump quickly, GOB STOPPER needs extra space in the garden. Greatly admired by visitors and earlier than most reds, this dazzler rarely shows thrip damage or color fading. Tollerating extreme heat and cold well, it blossoms over a long season. Scapes are exceptionally large and tough, standing up to excessive wind easily. Hail damage was noticed the first year after planting, but none since. GOB STOPPER can be left alone without dividing for years and has very strong roots. Incredibly strong pollen that makes great ‘starter’ pollen, and sets pods at lower temperatures. Seedlings all show exceptional vigor. $100.00 large double fan


30″ M Re 8″ 2br. 30b. Dor Tet Noc Ext UF Crispate        IFRiSt(7×2) X Reap the Whirlwind        (B7)

This glowing gold with a sparkling green throat will be an exciting addition to your garden. A highly ruffled crispate with ruffled, curled sepals, the large 8″ size and high bud count means this beauty will be a thrilling focal point in your garden. The mid rib and segment edges change to a beautiful light yellow by day’s end, making EMBRACE THE SUNSHINE very special. Being nocturnal, these flowers are wide open every morning, and stay open about 30 hours. With ‘toothy’ edges in it’s background, EMBRACE THE SUNSHINE is the parent of my most outstanding seedlings last season.  Resents moving , but clumps quickly, vigerous. Pod and pollen fertile. $100.00 large double fan

Please call to check availability and reserve plants. Collection of all 6, $450. plus $16 shipping.

Send checks to the above address and include $10 plus $1 per plant shipping.

Generous Bonuses, no rust noticed here. Happy gardening, and thanks for the order.   Suzanne Karl.